Delphine Mach is Aki
A French illustrator & author from Paris, France.
She has lived in Melbourne, Australia, for 3ish years.
She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Since 2014 : Represented by CatBird Agency in USA for children's books
April 2013 : Winner - Bull'Gomme 53 Award 2013 for 'Les Trois Grains de Riz'
Since 2012 : Represented by Illustrissimo in France for advertising work
Since 2007 : Freelance illustrator & author
2008 : Degree in Graphic design (BTS Communication Visuelle) at the Duperré School of Applied arts, Paris
2005-2006 : Foundation course in applied arts (MANAA) at the Duperré School of Applied arts, Paris

Drawing, eating, cooking, watching, living, loving and stuff with 'ing'
I am not a dolphin.

I have an illustrated diary
I take pictures on Tumblr and Instagram
I cook at Les 3 Sœurs
I wrote a song for Kumisolo

for any queries contact me at: